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Self Esteem

The scientists have crunched the numbers of you being born as YOU. The number is - one in four hundred trillion!!!! and yet we are here with self-esteem issues. Lets explore to find WHY and HOW to work on it!

Body Care

when we talk about self-love, the major step is showing love for your body. there is something so therapeutic about caring for your body. I feel it lifts your mood faster than chocolate (okay maybe I'd have said that but my 5- star filled tummy just won't allow 😅). Lezz begin working on ourselves people!

Mental & Emotional Care

Your emotional and mental health has a direct effect on your mood and choices. I truly believe that if we are able to understand why we do what we do, we will make a lot many things easier for us. Lezz unfold your mental and emotional horizons and free you up of the toxins!!

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Author's Note

Hello there! I am a firm believer of the fact that we all have something very beautiful inside us. i believe that we all are very very special. My words might be sounding just a pack full of false hopes at the moment bu i just want to tell you one  thing – I am a science student(no that s not what i wanted to say)so  we study in physics that nature always takes the most efficient way. So if you happen to not believe in you, just believe in nature!there is a reason you are who you are and that reason is special. I know we all suffer from this underlying fear of not being enough ar being the disliked one. I hope that I would be able to open your eyes to the wonders that you behold. I wish that you see, you are so special  and needed. 

This blog is for every person who has forgotten their true value and worth and taken shelter under self resentment.

Here I will cover all the topics under self esteem and self care. we will take care of your body and your health

I want to welcome you all. 

lets hop into this journey eh! we have got to discover the most fantabulous person- YOU!!!😉😊

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